Who We Are


Xperia Executive Search are specialists in Leadership Hiring across Middle & Senior levels.WE concentrate on helping clients achieve this advantage through the identification, assessment, and recruitment of the most suitable candidates. We have over 2 decades of experience behind us helping our respective organization's recruit teams of people for decades and are supported by a team of very effective and efficient consultants with years of experience, domain knowledge and expertise in providing recruitment solutions.


  • Our briefing meeting is the start of an emotional commitment to complete the work with professional excellence.
  • It begins with a discussion of the critical business issues that the hiring will address and the essential attributes of the position.
  • Our consultants with the help of your staff will determine the soft skills and the competencies that the candidates will require to succeed in the future role.
  • Our consultants with a collective experience of over 2 decades make the critical difference, bringing genuine insight to our clients' needs.


  • The consultants working on the engagement are best prepared to present the opportunity in an exciting way, articulating the nuances of the position and commenting meaning fully on the cultural aspects of the client organisation.
  • We will also be able to credibly address concerns candidates may have about the opportunity relative to their own careers and their prospects within the client organisation.
  • These dialogues, between our consultants and candidates greatly increase the prospect of attracting the best talent to our client organizations.
  • Our commitment to building long-term relationships further strengthens the bond we have with both our clients and candidates and improves our access to the best talent available.

Finding the best

  • Our consultants identify candidates from three sources: their own professional networks and relationships, those of their colleagues, and systemic research.
  • The consultants experience from their knowledge of your sector or functions help them to successfully close the assignments.

Assessing the HOW

  • There is growing recognition that HOW a person does something predicts success better than what a candidate's qualifications theoretically enable them to do.
  • While interviewing candidates, we steer away from narrative interviews that simply retrace a person's achievements.
  • We instead, focus on the "HOW" questions, following our Competency-based Interviewing Model. These answers become windows into the individual’s behavioral characteristics, enabling sensitive judgment of the candidate's ability to perform in the job and adapt to the client organization and culture. Thereby ensuring a successful closure.
  • A major point of leverage in any hiring activity is converting a mutual "fit" into a successful closure. Since we invest in our relationships through every step of the hiring process, we are better able to monitor and address concerns about the job or the practical and personal aspects of transition as they arise, reducing barriers to closure at the final stage of an activity.

Enduring responsibility

  • We follow up with candidate and client at regular intervals to check on performance and fit for the first three months post joining of the candidate.